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New Opportunity Bracelet

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Made with Jasper, Ruby Zoisite and Wood, this one of a kind New Opportunity Bracelet bring protection, healing and stabilizing energies. It helps you to remain rooted and connected with the Earth to bring new opportunities and growth.  


This one-of-a-kind New Opportunity Bracelet is made with Yellow Jasper, Wood, Green Jasper and Ruby Zoisite. Yellow Jasper emits protecting and grounding energy. It carries strong vibrations of positive energy to increase your feelings of well-being and self-confidence. Wood carries grounding and stabilizing energies to keep you rooted and connected with the Earth. Green Jasper symbolizes growth, new beginnings and new opportunity, while also bringing healing energies. Ruby Zoisite helps to balance the male and female energies, attracting love and transmuting negative energy into positive. 

This necklace is a one-of-a-kind, limited finds necklace, meaning we have a very limited supply of them. Once they are sold out, their energy will not be available again—so make sure you get yours while they’re in stock! These pieces do not come with a scroll, and all sales are final.


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