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New Moon Wishes Ritual Ingredients


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This New Moon Wishes Ritual allows you to honor the energy of Mother Moon while making wishes on the night of her new cycle. Creating a regular practice of setting New Moon intentions is a mindful way to commit to your dreams and goals. It will also allow you to stay in touch with her divine feminine energy. The power of writing down your intentions cannot be understated.

Crystal Muse Ingredients:
1 Phantom Quartz Point
4 Lemurian Seed Crystals
1 Small Clear Quartz Point
1 Sage Stick
1 Feather
1 Abalone Shell

Find instructions for this ritual in Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You. *Just to be crystal clear: We've "bundled" these ritual ingredients for your shopping convenience! They will all be bagged individually as they would be if you bought them on their own.


A new moon is the term given to the period of time in which the moon and sun are in complete alignment. This time, when the new moon is invisible to the earth, is an especially powerful time to set intentions. Representative of beginnings, you can take advantage of the new moon by reflecting on the past, and planting seeds for the future. To perform this ritual, find out when the next new moon will take place. Then take all of the components from the New Moon Wishes Ritual Kit—including 1 phantom quartz point, 4 lemurian seed crystals, 1 small clear quartz point, 1 sage stick, 1 feather and 1 abalone shell—as well as the other ingredients for the ritual, and go outside. To discover the full directions for the ritual, read Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You.


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