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Natural Citrine Sphere

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Wealth • Abundance • Potential
Citrine energy can be the key to unlocking your financial potential. Our resident crystal expert, Heather Askinosie, works with citrine spheres to resolve lingering issues that have created stuck energy. The energy of financial abundance is expansive—it’s all about growth. When your energy gets fixed on a certain thought—like a perceived limitation, problem, or solution—it keeps your financial progress in that place. That stagnancy only increases your awareness of these issues, and perpetuates them further. These natural citrine spheres help us to tap into and feel aligned with the energy of unlimited potential. It’s that uninhibited quality that sets you back into the frame of mind where prosperity can flow. This limitless mindset will keep your spirit moving like a sphere, which has no beginning and no dead ends.

Small ~1.5" • Medium ~2.25" • Large ~3.5"
These are AAA-grade natural Citrine from Brazil, there was only one vendor who had these in Tucson and we bought all he had. 


These Citrine Spheres are like little balls of light! Hold one in the palms of your hands to infuse your spirit with bright optimism. The fresh positivity that citrine energy invites into your space and spirit is one that feels like the dawning of a new day. Move past yesterday’s stresses, problems, and fears by shifting into a healthier perspective. Citrine healing properties will help you to focus on the good, rather than the negative, so that you can stop sulking and get to work on creating positive progress.  

Rejuvenating your outlook is about more than motivating your creative aspirations and work ethic. Citrine energy also establishes an air of abundance and cheer. This uplifted energy can be felt by everyone you come into contact with. Through helping you to radiate with an inviting openness, citrine energetically attracts new opportunities. Use it in meditation to imbue your soul with confidence. In adding a surge of revitalizing energy to the entire chakric field, citrine healing properties cleanse away energy blocks created from stagnant negativity.    

The sunny energy of citrine encourages you to take on challenges. If there are areas of your life that have you feeling defeated, the energy of citrine can motivate you. By helping you to understand a new perspective, citrine energy lends enhanced creativity to your solutions. Sometimes, all we need to move past an issue is to cleanse and recharge our spirit. Working with a citrine sphere, either by setting an intention with it, or by holding it in meditation, guides you to better understand how to manifest what you want in life. Citrine is a stone known for manifestation. Connecting with citrine energy regularly to reestablish your intention, helps to keep you both focused and optimistic.  

Every one of these natural citrine spheres will differ slightly in shape, size, color and pattern. All sales on these crystal spheres are final. 


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