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Namaste Charm


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Made with African Turquoise, Amethyst, White Jade and an Om symbol charm, our Namaste Charm will bring you balancing, calming and healing energies. Carrying the om symbol is believed to attract power to improve your life, reminding you of the depth of your spiritual journey. Place your om symbol keychain on your keys, purse or yoga mat bag! 


In our very first yoga class, we learn an important word: Namaste. This simple ending of the class actually symbolizes a very complex dynamic—my soul honors your soul. When we take a bow of gratitude and say Namaste, we actively acknowledge that all of our souls are connected, and we are unified in our experience in this world.

The Namaste Charm is made with African Turquoise, Amethyst and White Jade to create a balancing, calming and healing energy to those who carry it. Believed to bestow peace, harmony and eternal bliss, the Om symbol has long been recognized as a powerful healing and spiritual symbol. Carrying the Om symbol is believed to attract power that can improve your life, reminding you of the depth of your spiritual journey. Om is the all-encompassing cosmic vibration of the universe--the sound of the universe. 

Attach this charm to your keys, purse or yoga mat bag for added serenity throughout your day. Make a wish and let your charm lead you! You can also enhance your daily practice with yoga crystals.  



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