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Muse Necklace


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Muse Necklace 18"

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Inspiration | Creativity | Visionary

The Muse Necklace was created with Chrysoprase, Turquoise and Quartz Crystal to help awaken the muse within you. Allow yourself to be playful, artistic and creative—it makes the soul happy. Your inspiration resides within you. Be inspired and bring your dreams to life. 


An energy “Muse” is someone who inspires others to be the best version of themselves, encouraging positivity, love and healing. See the best in someone, even when they may not see it in themselves. Encouragement, belief and faith can create miracles. Allow yourself to be playful, artistic and creative—it makes the soul happy. Fully engage in the positive things that make you laugh, smile and lose track of time. This is when you have connected to the energy of the muse, leading to freedom, inspiration and pure happiness.

Awaken the muse within you. Be inspired and bring your dreams to life.

Created with the Energy Muse colors, the green represents growth and all the plant life on Earth. Chrysoprase is the stone of receiving. It helps you to allow yourself to receive the gifts of love, joy, compassion and healing. The Blue represents the water element on Earth. Turquoise is a master healer gemstone, believed to be a gift from Heaven to help heal the people of Earth. It encourages self-discovery and stimulates creative energy. Quartz Crystal is the gemstone of purity, clarity and self-realization. It magnifies your intention to bring your dreams and aspirations to reality.

Wear your Muse necklace and join the Energy Muse movement of manifesting your dreams and just being you. Be the muse, your inspiration resides within you. 

The Muse Necklace is 18" in length and made with nylon cord and sterling silver finishings. It comes on The Muse message card. Read Heather's blog post on the inspiration behind this necklace, Be Your Own Muse


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