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Mother Moon Mala Necklace


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Transformation • New Beginnings & Letting Go
Made with Blue Fresh Water Pearls, White Pearls, Sodalite, Onyx and Hematite, the Mother Moon Mala Necklace connects you with the moon goddess within. The crystals in this moon necklace harmonize you with the cycles of the moon, allowing self-reflection, discovery and transformation to occur with grace and ease. Call upon Mother Moon when you wish to face your darkness and transform it into light! 

Size: 30" with a 3" tassel.


Moon energy has a powerful frequency that connects women to empowerment, grace, beauty and the divine feminine. Mother Moon’s energy is nurturing and compassionate.  She gently guides and encourages you towards your life’s path. She reveals your darkest shadows and shines light on your soul’s desires. The moon goddess heals and inspires.

Mother Moon lives in a constant state of change—growing and releasing, as the universe needs her to. As she grows, she brings in new energy, opportunities and clarity to life. In full expression, Mother Moon amplifies the energy you hold in your mind, body and spirit. As she wanes and moves to darkness, she releases what does not serve her. True bliss comes from healing the darkness and bringing in the light. Let go of the beliefs, habits and intentions that no longer serve you and open your heart to the new opportunities that the universe wants you to explore. 

The Mother Moon Mala Necklace has been created to activate awareness of your true calling by harmonizing yourself with the cycles of the moon, allowing self-reflection, discovery and transformation to occur with grace and ease. Energy Muse co-founder, Heather Askinosie, patterned this moon necklace under the light of the new moon. Her patterning and the moon crystals reflect the ever-changing evolution and energy of the cycles of the moon. Blue Fresh Water Pearls represent the waves of emotion we experience during the cycles of the moon. They allow us to work with the moon energy to process our emotions and release what we are grasping to. White Pearls radiate purity, beauty and innocence, fostering new beginnings. The white pearls throughout the piece represent the different phases of the moon, ultimately reaching the full moon. Sodalite allows us to find our internal truth and be able to express it. When we are able to face our shadow side instead of avoiding it, we are able to heal. Onyx guides us through our shadow self, giving us the ability to cleanse, release and surrender. Hematite keeps us grounded during this ever-changing process. It helps to balance the yin and the yang energy.

Call upon Mother Moon when you wish to face your darkness and transform it into light.

INVOCATION: I call upon Mother Moon, who nurtures, heals and encourages me through transformation. Open me up to my true life’s calling. 

The Mother Moon Necklace is made with 5-6mm beads and is approximately 30” in length with a 3" tassel. Each mala necklace will vary slightly in color, pattern and size, as all the gemstone beads are natural and come from the Earth. 


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