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Moldavite Incense Sticks


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Cleansing • Healing • Calming
Burning Moldavite Incense Sticks cleanses, clears and raises the energy of your space, allowing you to tap into your higher self. It fills your space with the healing energy of the Earth, filling your body and space with uplifting, soothing energies.

Comes with 12 sticks. 
*Bowl with rice not included. 


These Moldavite Incense Sticks contain real Moldavite and natural essential oils to create a fragrant blend that captures the essence of Moldavite. Many healers use Moldavite Incense to enhance their connections between the etheric fields and the chakras. Use these incense sticks while you are bathing with your Moldavite Bath Salts to magnify the energy of Moldavite. 

Moldavite is a Tektite—a mysterious group of glassy objects that is the product of a meteor collision with the Earth over 14.8 million years ago. It is believed to have fallen from the sky only once, over what is now called the Moldau River Valley in Czechoslovakia. Found only in the Czech Republic, this highly spiritually advanced stone is among one of the rarest minerals found on Earth—perhaps rarer than diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Stories associate Moldavite properties with the legendary stone of the Holy Grail, an “Emerald” said to have fallen from the sky. It is a talisman for the healing of the Earth, having the power to accelerate one’s inner growth and spiritual evolution. It is definitely a celestial stone of transformation. 

Each package of Moldavite Incense Sticks comes with 12 sticks, approximately 10.5" long. Make sure you light your incense in a safe place, like in a bowl of rice. Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final. 


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