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Mini Phantom Quartz Crystal


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These mini Phantom Quartz crystals carry the message of universal wisdom and represent the many phases of life. Meditate with them or use them in a crystal grid to facilitate inner growth, transformation and spiritual healing. No two of these phantom crystals are alike. Each and every one is different—some are red, green, white, purple, black, pink or multi-colored—they are so special and rare!

Size: ~1/2" to 1"


Phantom Quartz Crystals are very rare, unique and high-vibrational crystals. The phantoms within the crystal are indications of the crystal’s evolution, growth and transformations. They appear like little “ghosts” of a crystal within the actual crystal, and are formed when the crystal’s growth is interrupted or blocked by something, and then continues to grow after. Each phantom crystal represents the many stages we experience within a single lifetime. The phantom quartz meaning is universal wisdom and awareness, representing the many phases of the cycle of life. They bring great healing energy to the Earth, facilitating inner growth and helping you to breakthrough issues that are standing in your path to greatness.

These mini phantom quartz crystals are absolutely exquisite. Each and every one is completely unique and different, carrying its own message and identity. Within these mini phantom crystals, there are green, red, black, pink, white and multi-colored phantoms. White phantom quartz is beneficial for spiritual growth and aligning the chakras. Green phantom quartz—or chlorite phantoms—specifically work on self-healing, cleansing and purification. Red phantom quartz—or hematite phantoms—unites the body, mind and spirit. Black phantom quartz is very grounding and stabilizing.

These mini phantom quartz crystals are the perfect size to use for crystal grids, to carry in your pocket, for meditation or to place on your alter in your sacred space. Meditating with phantom crystals is believed to connect you with higher realms of wisdom, helping to uncover hidden information. It brings any negative issues or attachments to the surface for a final resolution and release. If you are making a crystal grid, these phantom quartz crystals are wonderful for adding Earth energy. They are believed to unite people on Earth, inspiring them to take action to save the planet. The triangular structures within the crystal bring the energy of rescue, refresh and promote the spiritual healing energy of the Earth. 

Each one of these mini phantom quartz crystals will be completely different. No two are alike, so they will all vary in size, shape, color and pattern—but regardless of their size and color, they carry a powerful energy. All sales are final and no coupon codes are valid.


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