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Merkaba Crystal

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In ancient Egyptian, the literal translation of Merkaba is broken down by syllable to mean: Mer--rotating fields of light, Ka--spirit and Ba--soul. It is believed to be a very powerful tool for working on your spiritual transformation. Meditating with one over your third eye is believed to connect you with your higher self. This sacred geometric shape is believed to form a spiritual shield around the holder.

X-small ~0.3" • Small ~0.5" • Medium ~0.75"


Find the multifaceted star within you by embracing this multifaceted Merkaba Crystal. When cut into the star tetrahedron symbol known as merkaba, quartz crystal takes on a whole new sacred meaning. Merkaba is one of the world’s most ancient symbols. The word merkaba originated as three separate words in ancient Egyptian: mer, meaning light—a light that rotates within itself; ka, meaning the human spirit; and ba, meaning the human body. The merkaba is a three-dimensional, sacred geometric shape that’s considered a useful tool when trying to expand the possibilities of the mind, body, and spirit, guided by the heart. The energy of the merkaba is magnified when it’s in the form of Clear Quartz crystal.

Clear quartz crystal is an amplifier. It takes the energy surrounding it, purifies it and then sends it back out more intense than it was before. As it cleanses the energy, it also lends clarity to those connected to it. When you get in tune with clear quartz healing properties, you find a deeper intuition of situations and a greater understanding of those around you. This is especially the case when linking to the energy of a clear quartz merkaba. The merkaba is meant to get you in sync with your most enlightened self. Think about the three dimensionality of the shape, the interlinking of the two tetrahedrons, and the idea of a self-sustaining light. How can you embody this merkaba energy? When you hold the merkaba crystal in your hands, let it broaden your mind. Feel your light—or your mer—circulating positive, life affirming energy within you. Feel your spirit—or your ka—regenerating as more vibrant than before. Feel your body—or your ba—awakened with every cell. As you work with the clear quartz merkaba, consider how you can be more accepting, more open minded and grow as a person of substance.

Each one of these Clear Quartz Merkaba Crystals will vary slightly in shape, size and pattern. No coupon code are valid and all sales are final. 



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