Energy Muse offers a great selection of healing necklaces for men. With Chinese coins, crystals and gemstones, you’re able to harness the ancient healing powers of crystals in these energy necklaces for men to fully transform your life. You’ll cleanse your body from the inside out, releasing any the negative energy or issues in your heart and soul to promote and achieve a better and more balanced life. With the positive energy released from the healing crystal necklaces for men, you’ll rid your body and your surroundings of negative energy, opening the door for your dreams to manifest. 
energy necklaces for men
  • Empowerment Necklace

    Let our Empowerment Necklace uplift your spirit and rally you on to accomplish your goals! Made with Azurite, Hematite, Amethyst, Quartz and Sodalite, rather than dwelling on failures of the past, let the energy of these five crystals get you back on your feet. Every time you feel the weight of the…
  • Energy Clearing Necklace

    Purifying • Cleansing • ProtectionMade with a naturally polished selenite crystal, wearing the Energy Clearing Necklace daily energetically clears your body, protects your aura from negative energy and keeps your mind, body and spirit in balance. It carries a very high-vibration that…
  • Free Spirit Necklace

    Free Spirit • Uniqueness • Contentedness Made with Agate, Tiger's Eye, Turquoise, Carnelian and a Balinese Horse Coin, our Free Spirit Necklace was created as a gentle reminder to embrace the spirit within and live a life full of adventure. Remember that we are all unique and on our own…
  • Grounding Necklace

    Balance • Centering • FocusOur Grounding Necklace encourages you to take time out for yourself by infusing you with the protective, restorative and balancing energy of Hematite and Jasper. These grounding stones infuse your core with earthly energies to help you spiritually recenter. The…
  • Neutralizer Necklace

    Purifying • Detoxifying • HealingThis Elite Shungite Necklace, also called silver shungite, brings balance to your physical and energetic body. Creating a noticeable shift in your energy field, wearing shungite detoxifies, purifies and heals the physical and energy systems throughout your…
  • Prosperity Necklace

    Prosperity • Abundance • LuckSince ancient times, the combination of Jade & 3 Chinese Coins tied with red string has been used to encourage prosperity in all areas of your life. Our Prosperity Necklace is a wearable version of this Feng Shui formula, and is the original Energy Muse…

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