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Malachite Bracelet


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Whether you’re looking for love, transformations, or both, this malachite bracelet is the tool you want to use to manifest those intentions. Malachite energy doesn’t mess around. It brings your focus right to the heart of your issues. If you have something that you’ve been wanting to work on, but haven’t yet made the effort, malachite will bring that complacency right to the front of your mind. In syncing with your heart chakra, malachite forces you to confront your true wants and ask yourself why you haven’t gotten them. The inner reflection work you do with this malachite bracelet will help you to discover insightful revelations.

7.5" • 7-8mm beads


Use malachite energy to push yourself beyond the mental or emotional traps you’ve fallen into before. When it seems that you’re bound to repeat the same mistakes in love or life, use your malachite bracelet to program your intention of maintaining healthier habits in the future. This makes malachite a great crystal to work with if you can’t seem to figure out why you’re love life seems like a never ending cycle of bad dates or toxic relationships. Meditate while wearing a malachite bracelet to get real with yourself, and the changes you need to make. Malachite elevates perspectives by replacing emotional thinking with wisdom. Once you have recognized self-sabotaging behaviors, malachite can infuse your heart with the energy to transform.

Working with malachite healing properties Increases your confidence. It encourages you to see the amazing qualities you have, and gives the boost you need to pursue positive paths. When you understand your own self-worth, you know what you deserve and go after it.  And when you radiate the confidence of knowing what you deserve, that energy is magnet to the kind of opportunities and people you want to attract.


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