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Magical Mind Jar

Use your Magical Mind Jar as a simple, interactive tool to inspire a daily practice of gratitude and mindfulness. It gives color, life and energy to your intentions, creating a magical display that reminds you to live as if you've already manifested your intentions. This is a wonderful activity to use with kids and children as well, teaching them to focus on positive emotions and what they are most grateful for. When you gaze into the swirling colors, it also helps to invoke a meditative state.  

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The Magical Mind Jar is a tool that will teach us to develop our pause button and to have positive thoughts on purpose. In this pause is where intuition and trust lies. In this pause is where awareness, response and choice happens. From this moment to the next is where we cultivate our path, our journey and our life story.

Intentional change is a practice. The beauty of this practice is to discover the Magic that lives inside of you and to know you can access it at any time. Using the Magical Mind Jar, you can practice a daily gratitude meditation. Doing so will allow you to work with your intentions in a new way, foster gratitude and abundance into your life, and help invoke a meditative state.

The Magical Mind Jar can also be used with children. Have them think about what they are most grateful for and put the penny in the jar. Then, allow them to add the glitter to the jar, focusing on positive emotions that come with what they are most grateful for. When the child shakes the mind jar and focuses on the glitter, it invokes a meditative state, similar to what adults experience when they focus solely on the breath during meditation.

Each Magical Mind Jar comes boxed with the mason jar, 4 bags of glitter, a penny and instructions. All sales are final on these jars. 

How To Use


1. Take out the glitter and gratitude penny
2. Close your eyes for a moment and pay attention to your breath, breathing in, breathing out.
3. Put your glitter colors in front of you, close your eyes and think of a thought or feeling. Focus on your breath, open your eyes and chose a color with that thought or feeling in mind.
4. Pour the glitter in your magical mind jar, and repeat until all your glitter is gone.
5. Take your penny and place it in the palm of your hand and think with intention of what you are most grateful for and place the penny in the Magical Mind Jar.
6. Fill your Magical Mind Jar with water.
7. Place the lid on the jar and screw tightly to seal your Magical Mind Jar.
8. Gently shake and watch as your thoughts and feelings swirl in your magical mind.
9. Pay attention as all of those thought sand feelings tart to settle, breathing in, breathing out. As they are settling, imagine all your thoughts and feeling quietly settling. Feel the stillness, see and feel all of the pieces that make you extraordinary.
10. When all the glitter has settled and your mind is quiet, pay attention for a moment to exactly where you are and what you are feeling. Look at your Magical penny filled with gratitude. Be with all that is you, and think about something or someone you are grateful for.


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