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Love Bracelet Set


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Each bracelet is 7.25" in diameter.


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Love • Happiness • Harmony
Combining the energy of three bracelets, the Love Bracelet Set emotionally prepares you for all sorts of love. By bringing together the amplifying energy of Quartz with the loving energy of Rose Quartz and a combination of crystals to help you live your destiny, this crystal bracelet set will show you the way toward a life filled with love.


Whether you are searching for romantic love, familial love, deeper friendships, or more self-love, the Love Bracelet Set holds the energy you need to bring in the love you want and deserve. The different crystals in this bracelet set come together to address the different layers of your love intention. These crystals work to open your heart and align you with the energy of love so you are prepared to receive love from all around you. Give this crystal bracelet set as a gift to show someone you care, or give it to yourself to amplify your own love intention.

Rose Quartz opens your heart so you are able to receive unconditional love.

Morganite helps you remember to love and nurture yourself first.

Rainbow Moonstone guides you toward the love you are destined for. It teaches you to trust the cycle of love and the way your relationships unfold.  

Prehnite expands your heart and teaches you to do all things with love.  

Chrysoprase strengthens your connection to others and helps you remember to be present in your relationships.

Clear Quartz amplifies your intention and programs your mind, body and spirit with the intention of experiencing love. This stone helps you get clear on what kind of love you are searching for so you can direct your energy toward finding it.

Copper is a healing metal that enhances the energy of crystals.

How to Use Your Love Bracelet Set: Wear these bracelets on your left wrist to receive the energy of your intention.


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