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Lithium + Tangerine Lemurian Quartz Set


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This pair of Lemurian Quartz Crystals - 1 Tangerine Lemurian and 1 Lithium Lemurian - is what we’re calling the “Crystal Xanax.” Tangerine lemurian quartz brings grounding, stabilizing energies to help you release the fear and emotional baggage so many of us carry around. Lithium lemurian quartz helps to stabilize your mind and your emotional body, bringing emotional peace, anxiety relief and relaxation. Use this powerful crystal duo in an anxiety meditation as soon as you feel the rush of anxiousness and panic coming on. They have so much wisdom, light and love energy to share with you - all you have to do is ask!

Small ~2.5" • Medium ~3" to 4"
Each set comes witht 1 Tangerine Lemurian and 1 Lithium Lemurian. Every single crystal will be different and will vary in color. Some are lighter and some are darker, but each one is so powerful. 


Lemurian Crystals are considered one of the "Master Crystals," teaching oneness and helping us embrace our individuality. Lemurian Crystals are believed to be the record keepers of the ancient civilization Lemuria. Legend states that they are planted in a grid pattern over the surface of the Earth and beyond, to the stars.

Tangerine Lemurian Quartz forms when there is a combination of Hematite and water in the cavity where the crystals grew. Over time, the water combined with the Hematite begins to rust, permanently bonding to the surface of the crystals and giving it its stunning yellow-orange color. Tangerine Lemurian crystals are very grounding and stabilizing, reminding you to tune into yourself and see what you need. Working with this crystal helps you to move forward, putting your past behind and moving onto bigger and better things. It helps you to release fear, bringing courage, hope and power for the future.

Lithium Lemurian Quartz brings emotional peace, stress release and relaxation. It is a very powerful, yet gentle, healing crystal that works to balance your brain and emotions. It is both calming and soothing, working to uplift your mental and physical bodies to remove repressed anger and grief so that you can begin healing. It is a wonderful crystal to meditate with (or to place in your meditation space) as it helps to deepen your meditation to further your inner journey. It creates a peaceful and harmonious space ideal for healing. The Lithium contained in this Quartz is the same mineral used in antidepressant meditation, but it is in the purest form as it comes from the Earth. When combined with Quartz Crystal, the natural antidepressant properties of Lithium are amplified.

Lemurian Quartz crystals emit a very high vibration of light and hope and are a wonderful crystal to clear and activate the chakras, removing all energy blockages from the body. With a particularly feminine energy, the Lemurian quartz crystals offer an emotional portal through which love and light can pour into the heart chakra. Lemurian Crystals are a variety of Quartz that embodies the soft, loving energies of the angelic and cosmic realms. The ladder-like striations present on all Lemurians are said to act as a 'stairway to heaven.' Each of the lines represents a record of information—similar to hieroglyphics in ancient Egyptian cultures. Sitting in meditation, run your fingers over the grooves and allow your mind to receive the images, symbols and messages. The process will take time, but working with these crystals will help you find your own truth.

These Lemurian crystals for sale are completely raw and natural, straight from Mother Earth. Each one is unique in size, shape, color and pattern, but each one emanates loving, healing energy. Each one comes packaged with a card that holds the meaning and properties. All sales are final on these crystals.


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