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Lithium Quartz Stone


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Size: ~.75" to 1"


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Stress Release • Alleviate Trauma • Tranquility
Lithium Quartz Tumbled Stone brings emotional peace, stress release and relaxation. It is a very powerful, yet gentle crystal is said to help to balance your brain and emotional body. It is both calming and soothing, working alleviate emotional trauma so that you can begin healing. It is a wonderful crystal to meditate with as it helps to deepen your meditation to further your inner journey. 


If your mind has been running around and around in circles, employ the help of a lithium quartz stone to start the cool down lap. Lithium quartz stone is the quintessential crystal for calm. As the quartz within the crystal works to purify your mind of mental chatter, the lithium accesses your emotions. By establishing an emotional balance, lithium makes it easier for you to breathe and relax. A supreme healer, lithium quartz fuses with the entire chakric field to bestow peace.

Rather than stones that use high vibrational positivity to almost blast your moodiness out of you, lithium quartz takes a softer, long-lasting approach. It slowly cleanses the mind and chakras before lending a sense of clarity. When lithium quartz settles into a chaotic mind, it forms a sort of eye in the storm. The tranquil clarity you find here allows you to better assess how to deal with difficulties. For those who haven’t been able to shift out of the fog of heartbreak, lithium quartz can be therapeutic. It helps you to re-immerse yourself back into the activities you love.

Meditate with lithium quartz stone in the morning, and again at night, and slowly you will begin to truly experience joy again without it being tainted by the lingering pain of your breakup. Even those whose depression stems back farther than a mere breakup can benefit from the uplifting vibrations of lithium quartz healing properties. Just by sitting with lithium quartz crystal energy each day, you’ll find that the pervasive, aching effects of depression on your mind and spirit are less intense. Because of the lithium quartz property of emotional balance, your emotions will weigh less heavily on the depressive side.

Click here to learn more about healing crystals and their meanings. All stones will vary slightly in size, shape, color and pattern. Each comes with a card that holds the information about the crystals and their meanings.


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