You are a peacemaker. You are gracious. You are artistic. Make love, not war—that’s your motto. When everything and everyone around you is in perfect harmony, you are at peace. Your soul is also learning to create more inner alignment and balance for it is there that true peace is found. It is essential that you not only give to others, but that you strike out on your own in independent ways and develop your own individuality. You bring beauty to the world, Libra, with your style, taste and grace. Show the world what you’ve got. Discover the power of Libra jewelry! 
libra jewelry
  • Clarity Bracelet

    Focus • Crystal Clear • VisionMade with Clear Quartz, the Clarity Bracelet helps you to get clear on your goals and intentions so that you can manifest results. By facilitating the release of habitual negativity, you are able to program your cellular body with clear thoughts, intentions…
  • Destiny Bracelet

    New Beginnings • Guidance • ClarityThe Destiny Bracelet guides you along your journey to live your truest life. Made with Rainbow Moonstone, Prehnite and Chrysoprase, the energy of this bracelet helps you to trust your path and embrace your destiny. If you find yourself doubting or…

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