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Letting Go and Surrendering Ritual Ingredients


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The Letting Go + Surrending Ritual enlists the energy of Mother Earth to help you let go, surrender and allow the Earth to absorb any unwanted energy. It will help you to ground yourself and get back into your body. 

9 Basalt Stones
10 Black Obsidian Stones
4 Hematite Stones
1 Sage stick
1 Feather
1 Abalone Shell

Find instructions for this ritual in Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You. *Just to be crystal clear: We've "bundled" these ritual ingredients for your shopping convenience! They will all be bagged individually as they would be if you bought them on their own.


Part spiritual practice, part massage—what’s not to like about the Letting Go and Surrendering Ritual? There are two philosophies behind this ritual. One understands that the feet are how humans connect with the energy of the Earth. The other, recognizes the role that reflexology plays in our physical health and mental wellness. The crystals used in this ritual are those that best amplify the grounding energy of the Earth, and those that are said to absorb negativity. Applying these crystals in a ritual that focuses on the feet, allows for rest, relaxation and spiritual rejuvenation in the energy centers that are most often overlooked.

While it’s not everything that this ritual’s recipe calls for, you can pick up the essential components of 9 Basalt stones, 10 Black Obsidian stones, 4 Hematite stones and 1 Sage Cleansing Set in this set of crystal ingredients. To see what else you’ll need and the ritual instructions, get your copy of Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In To the Real You.


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