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Lepidolite Candle Holder


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Size: ~1.5" x 5"


Quick Overview

Stress Relief • Calming • Relaxation
What happens when you combine the stress relieving properties of Lepidolite with the calming essence of a candle? Find out with a Lepidolite Candle Holder. For maximum relaxation, simply light a candle and enjoy the soothing benefits of Lepidolite.  


As the ultimate stone for anxiety and stress relief, Lepidolite is sure to help you release your worries at the end of a long day. Lighting a candle in this Lepidolite Candle Holder is the perfect signal to your spirit that you are ready to embrace the energy of calm. Lepidolite’s ability to soothe the spirit comes from its high lithium content. Lithium is often used in mood stabilizers to quell emotional swings. Connecting with the energy of Lepidolite allows you to tap into its naturally balancing benefits. So whenever you feel a bout of high anxiety or stress coming on, ease those emotions by light the candle in your Lepidolite Candle Holder. Set it your bedroom, sacred space or wherever you want to relax in tranquil vibes.

This Lepidolite Candle Holder is polished on top, and raw on the sides.

Origin: Brazil

What Does It Mean When I’m Drawn to a Lepidolite Candle Holder:

If you’re drawn to this Lepidolite Candle Holder, it’s time for some wonderful relaxation. Letting go of stress has never been easier. Set this in any room of your home where you want to set the mood with Lepidolite’s ultra soothing vibes.  

How to Use a Lepidolite Candle Holder:

Set this Lepidolite Candle Holder in your bedroom, living room or whatever you want to tap into its stress relieving properties. You can even use it in your sacred space. Lighting a candle in your Lepidolite Candle Holder is a great way to get in the right mind space for meditation.


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