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Leo Crystals


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The Lion • July 23 to August 22
The crystals for Leo are a major power source. Having them in your environment will bring you many blessings! Discover your astrology crystals!


Your Leo crystals are a major power source. Wearing your Leo birthstone, or having these crystals in your environment, will prove to bring you many blessings. For your astrology sign, the most powerful crystals for Leo are Pyrite (your power stone), Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian and Black Onyx.

The Leo crystals keep you calm and serene by enhancing your natural confidence and joy. They combine the energy of the Earth with the energy of the Sun to create a grounded, yet high-vibrational energy. Your power stone, Pyrite, is an ancient symbol of the sun and connects you with its energy. 

Affirmation: I am connected to the energy of my birthstones. They will bring me many blessings. 

Our Leo Crystals include 5 stones, one Pyrite stone, one Black Onyx stone, one Carnelian stone and two Tiger’s Eye stones. They come in an organza bag with a message card, which holds all the secrets to using your birthstones. Due to the nature of the stones, they will all vary slightly in color, shape, size and pattern. All sales are final on our tumbled stones and crystal bags. 


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