You are a creator. You are regal. You are sometimes dramatic. The Leos of the world are the kings and queens of out time. Your noble nature and generous heart makes you the world’s poster child. You have a special sense of destiny and you want the world to know about it. The evolutionary intention for your soul, Leo, is to link your creative purpose to a globally useful or relevant function. Drink in the rays of the sun for strength and let us hear you ROAR! Discover the power of Leo jewelry! 
leo jewelry
  • Clarity Bracelet

    Focus • Crystal Clear • VisionMade with Clear Quartz, the Clarity Bracelet helps you to get clear on your goals and intentions so that you can manifest results. By facilitating the release of habitual negativity, you are able to program your cellular body with clear thoughts, intentions…
  • Petrified Wood Stone

    Wisdom • Calming • SecurityWith Petrified Wood Tumbled Stone near, allow your fears to disappear! Petrified Wood is a very healing, grounding stone that calms your worries and fills you with feelings of security. It was once an ancient, living, breathing tree that has fossilized over…

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