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Larimar Necklace


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Often called the dolphin stone or the stone of Atlantis, Larimar holds both the energy of the ocean and the sky. Connecting with your larimar necklace on a daily basis encourages serenity, relaxation, tranquility and overall rejuvenation. It reconnects you with the ebbs and flows of your inner tides, much like the tides of the sea. The larimar meaning reminds you to go with the flow, allowing for the release any old patterns that may be causing you to feel stuck or unable to move forward. 

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Often called the dolphin stone or Stone of Atlantis, Larimar holds the energy of the sea and the sky. Its soothing and calming pattern of blues streaked with white resemble the Caribbean waters—the one place on Earth in which this beautiful stone is found. The availability within this limited mine is unknown, making Larimar a very rare and special stone.  

Created by volcanic activity, Larimar is said to balance both fire and water energies. Wearing a larimar necklace connects you with the ancient energy of Atlantis, and healing power of dolphins to harmonize the mind, body and soul. It is a crystal of serenity, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation in every aspect. Connecting with the larimar meaning daily reconnects you with the ebbs and flows of your inner tides, much like the tides of the sea. Since it is connected with the ocean and element of water, Larimar also helps to cool hot tempers and restore overall peace. 

Larimar is a stone of truth Earth healing, emitting the energy of healing and universal love. It helps you to see yourself outside of your personal view of the world, encouraging you to focus on your spiritual growth and journey. Connected with the throat chakra, the larimar meaning also helps with self expression and communication in relationships. It helps to clear and clarify your thoughts and words so that you can clearly communicate in your relationships. 

This larimar necklace is a wonderful piece for mothers, especially during and right after pregnancy. Many say it helps to alleviate the feelings of postpartum depression, and brings light to the everyday stresses that come with a new addition to the family. 

Each and every pendant will be different due to the nature of the stone, yet all of them are beautiful and powerful. All sales are final on these pieces.  


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