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Kambaby Ocean Jasper Touchstone


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Size: ~1.5"


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Support • Shifting Patterns • Balance
A Kambaby Ocean Jasper Touchstone helps you navigate your own negative patterns in life. If there’s a cycle that keeps tripping you up, avoid falling into the same trap by employing the healing properties of Kambaby Ocean Jasper. With vibes as smooth as the ocean tide, this stone brings stress-relief and renewal to your spirit.



Kambaby Ocean Jasper washes your heart and solar plexus chakras with a supportive essence. It gives you the courage to take a second look at issues or problems you had refused to accept responsibility for. As Kambaby Ocean Jasper properties elevate your perception, you come to understand your own role in creating the same issues for yourself. In aiding you to recognize your habits and raise your maturity, this stone helps to close the circle of one phase of your life so that you may finally enter another. It ushers fluidity into your life, and helps you to flourish during transformations along your spiritual journey. From your personal life to your professional career and relationships, let the encouragement and emotional balance that a Kambaby Ocean Jasper Touchstone brings guide you toward positive change in your life.

Origin: Madagascar

How to Use a Kambaby Ocean Jasper Touchstones:

Hold a Kambaby Ocean Jasper Touchstone in each hand to guide yourself toward positive change and transformation in all areas of your life.


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