Jewelry Sizes

Jewelry Sizing for Energy Muse

Are you having trouble deciding which jewelry size to purchase for your Energy Muse bracelet or necklace? Most Energy Muse Jewelry is unisex, unless otherwise specified. However, we do have multiple size options for many of our pieces.

As pictured above, our Coin Necklaces come in two sizes: 16.5” and 21.5”. Our 16.5” necklaces are the most common size for women, falling just below the neckline. Our 21.5” necklaces are our most common size for men—or for women wanting a longer necklace—falling just above the center of the chest on men and over the heart on most women.

For Energy Muse Bracelets, the most common size for women is 7.5” and the most common size for men is an 8” or 8.5”. If you are unsure about your wrist size, try this simple sizing technique! Take a piece of string, floss, paper or material and wrap it around your wrist. Adjust it to the size and tightness you would want your Energy Muse bracelet. Using a ruler, measure the length and compare it to our sizing options to choose the one that is the best match. If you do not see your desired size, you can special order your preferred size—since all our products are handmade—for a small special order fee. Simply contact us with all the details of your special size order.

If you have any other questions about our jewelry or our jewelry sizing, feel free to email us or live chat on our website with a Crystal Specialist!