Iolite Ganesh Statue

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This Iolite Ganesh Statue is ideal for financial intentions ranging from eliminating debt to overcoming money blocks. By combining the energy of Iolite, a crystal of intuition, with Ganesh, the god of wisdom, this powerful energy tool gives you the inner knowledge to achieve your financial goals. Known as the Remover of Obstacles, a Ganesh statue is a powerful tool to remove blocks in your life. In the financial realm, those blocks often come from within. From limiting beliefs to an unhealthy relationship with money, our own energetic blocks often get in the way of achieving success. Through working with an Iolite Ganesh statue, you can start to break through those blocks and reach your goals, from eliminating debt to saving more or manifesting prosperity and abundance. The incorporation of Iolite adds a powerful layer to this Ganesh statue, as it is a stone of wisdom and intuition. By guiding you to trust yourself and what you know is best for you, you can start to make better financial decisions that support your long-term goals. When you’re ready for a breakthrough in your financial state, bring your Iolite Ganesh into your home or office to help you remove the obstacles in your path. Whatever room you place your Iolite Ganesh, make sure he is facing either East, West or North. It is also suggested to place an offering—such as a bowl of rice, candy or flowers—in front of Ganesh. Having Ganesh on an elevated surface is a sign of respect, so set him on a table if you can. Whenever you are facing an obstacle in the financial realm, turn to your Iolite Ganesh to help you remove the obstacle in your path. India

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Iolite Ganesh Statue