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Intention Journal

These handmade, handpainted Intention Journals are filled with eco-friendly, tree-free pages, made instead with recycled, cotton fabric remnants. Choose one of three powerful, spiritual symbols: Ganesh, Buddha or the Tree of Life. Fill your journal with your intentions, dreams, emotions and meditation thoughts! Check out our blog post, The Power of Writing in a Journalto learn more about the benefits of journaling. 

Size: 6" x 8" x  ¾” 

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Buddha Journal
Ganesh Statue

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Tree of Life Journal

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Made fair-trade in India, these handmade and hand painted Intention journals are made with eco-friendly, tree-free pages. The pages are made from recycled, cotton fabric remnants, with a braided-twine page marker to save your place. Writing in a journal is one of the most impactful practices to incorporate into your life. By setting aside 10-minutes in the morning and evening to journal, you create a powerful ritual each day that allows you to check in with yourself, express your emotions and redirect your focus on your intentions. Use your intention journal as a meditation journal, for setting intentions or to journal your emotions.

There are three different journals, each with powerful spiritual symbols on the cover: the Ganesh Journal, the Buddha Journal and the Tree of Life Journal. Ganesh is the beloved Hindu deity, known as the remover of obstacles. It is believed that Ganesh blessed you, clearing your path so that you can move forward freely. Ganesh bestows wisdom upon you, helping you through times of change and encouraging you to accept obstacles for what they truly are: opportunities for growth. Buddha is recognized universally as a powerful symbol of peace of mind. Buddha inspires us to deepen our own practice of inner peace. Buddhists, interestingly enough, do not consider Buddha a god, but rather a human being who sought and achieved enlightenment and bestowed his wisdom to others in the form of his teachings—creating a new way of life. The Tree of Life is a universal symbol of growth and wisdom, reminding us to remain rooted within the Earth. Its message is simple: you are a child of the universe. You have the right to exist and you have a responsibility to grow into the best version of yourself. It is a symbol of the infinite possibilities for you in this universe, encouraging you to chase after your dreams. 

Each handmade journal is approximately 6” x 8” x ¾” and is filled with unlined pages ready for you to fill with your thoughts. Due to the handmade nature, each one will vary slightly in appearance and materials. All sales are final on these journals. 


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