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Included Quartz Point with Manifesters • 123g


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An included quartz point, also called lodalite, is a crystal of power that helps to amplify your intention. It makes the perfect personal talisman crystal to meditate with or place on your altar. Think of this crystal as a snapshot of what was happening on the Earth at the time the crystal formed—it’s like a little landscape. This crystal point has at least 3 manifester points within it. Such a unique manifestation crystal! 

Size: 123g • 2.5" x 1.5" x 1"


These Included Quartz Points are absolutely breathtaking—these mineral combinations are insane! Included Quartz Points are natural Quartz that have beautiful mineral inclusions within them. They possess a powerful healing vibration of the minerals within them, while also carrying the amplifying and magnifying powers of Clear Quartz. 

The minerals in each Included Quartz specimen vary, but here is a little overview of the mineral colors and properties:

  • Kaolinite, the white mineral inclusions, builds intuition and helps to remove obstacles on your spiritual path. It helps you to keep at things without getting discouraged, helping you to pave the pathway on your journey. 
  • Lithium, the pink mineral, brings calming energies to relieve stress and anxiety. It connects you with the higher spiritual realms, to propel your inner journey and promote spiritual growth. Working with lithium quartz heals the aura, activates the chakras and creates overall peace and harmony. 
  • Chlorite, the green mineral, carries a strong healing energy rooted deep within the Earth. It facilitates a connection with nature on a soul level, bringing detoxifying and cleansing properties as well.
  • Charoite, the purple mineral, enhances your intuition and guides you to living in the now. It also transmutes negativity.
  • Hematite, the orange or red mineral, brings strong grounding and stabilizing energies.
  • Limonite, the yellow mineral, possesses the energy of psychic protection, shielding you from negativity and psychic attack.

These included quartz points are true crystals of power that will help to amplify any energy or intention. They are wonderful for personal talismans or alter crystals to place in your sacred space where you meditate. Each Included Quartz Point is like a snapshot of what was happening on the Earth at the time the crystal was created—they’re like little landscapes.

Manifestation Crystal, or manifester, is the most powerful crystal in existence for manifesting your dreams and desires. It occurs when a smaller crystal is totally enclosed in a larger quartz crystal. It is said to be the rarest shaman stone and metaphysical crystal, believed to have the purest vibration of any quartz crystal. A Manifestation Crystal can help you manifest your blessings and wishes, but is also a powerful crystal for emotional healing. It helps to create a healing field of energy, protecting you from negative energy and replacing any with positive energy to get rid of negativity and stimulate positive thoughts. When you place one in your environment, it helps you to maintain balance, positivity and protection, while constantly putting your intention out into the universe.

We went through thousands of crystal points at the Tucson Gem show to choose the ones with the highest vibration, greatest clarity and special qualities. We only have one of these beautiful crystal points. Due of this, no coupon codes are valid and all sales are final. 


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