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Ice Calcite

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Clarity • Positivity • Perspective
The more we allow our emotions to influence our perception, the less we understand. Bring clarity to your insights by getting in tune with Ice Calcite. Sometimes called Optical Calcite, it cleanses you of negativity, so that you can focus on the positive. By guiding you to understand situations from a rational perspective rather than an emotional one, ice calcite enhances your ability to make personal progress.

Size ~ 1" to 2" 


We’ve all had to get a reality check from a friend at one point or another. When we devote our energy and love to something, it can be hard not to become emotionally invested. To keep from seeing things from a skewed perspective, reality checks are necessary. That’s what makes ice calcite such an essential stone for your energy toolkit. It lends focus to the third eye, helping to shift you into a healthier point of view.

Sometimes a new perspective is all you need to revitalize an effort that you were beginning to tire of. If the stress from your work or studies has you feeling emotionally exhausted, it may be time to take a step back and reassess with the help of ice calcite. The stress relieving properties of ice calcite have a rejuvenating effect. They cleanse the spirit of tortured anxiety, and allow it to shine with newfound resolve. The energizing effect that has, adds to this stone’s believed properties of motivation.

When you’re in touch with ice calcite, you can trust your intuition. It will heighten your awareness to ensure that you’re not overly focused on negative aspects, and able to comprehend broad complexities. With this elevate understanding and awareness, you are set to improve all areas of your life.       

Each one of these Ice Calcite crystals is completely unique in size, shape, color and pattern. All sales are final on these. 


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