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Hypersthene Plate


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Does it ever feel like you’ve wandered into emotional quicksand? Sometimes we fall into a trap that makes us feel energetically stuck, or unable to make progress in an area of our lives. To get beyond this, we need to stop the cycle of struggling only to sink deeper into our own mental trap. Connecting with the energy of a Hypersthene Plate helps you to understand both your dilemma and the solution to it from a higher perspective.

Small ~ 2.5" to 3.5" • Medium ~4" to 5" • Large ~6" to 7"


Hypersthene connects to the root and base chakras to provide solid emotional footing. This allows you to transition from the feeling of sinking. With the added sense of security that comes from having a stable foundation, you can more easily assess where your issues are really coming from.

The power of hypersthene energy is that it absorbs the negativity surrounding you. Without the cloud of self-doubt, fear, stress or anxiety blocking your vision, you can begin to understand why you’ve been stuck, and what energy needs to circulate through you to get out of that trap. Maybe you’ve been trying the same tactic for too long, and need to take a risk and switch it up. Maybe a lack of confidence has caused you to aim your sights too low, and you need an infusion of self-worth to think bigger.

Whatever negative notions you’ve allowed your spirit to linger in for too long, you can place a hypersthene plate on your body to absorb and transmute that energy into positivity and grounding. That’s the foundation that will align you with determination you need to progress! Set this hypersthene plate on your desk, or wherever you need a surge of motivational energy to push you to the next level.

Each of these hypersthene plates will be completely different in color, shape, pattern and size. All are unique + so special. All sales are final.


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