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Hematite Touchstone


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When walking a tightrope, it’s wise to maintain balance with a pole. When traversing an emotional tightrope, grab hold of these Hematite Touchstones to restore stability and avoid a fall. Hematite is the ultimate grounding stone, helping you to get back into your body so that you can become aligned and centered with Earth energy. When you feel like your energy is all over the place, hold tight to your touchstone and feel it all coming back to center.


Life can hit us with unexpected winds. Losing a job suddenly, a bad breakup, death of a loved one, financial loss—there are so many ways that our lives can change in an instant. There’s no way to prepare for how you’ll feel during these moments, but you can prepare for how to get through them. Hematite touchstones connect with the root chakra to ground your spirit deep into the calming energy of the earth. As you grip these palm stones, allow the hematite healing properties to guide you in slow, nourishing breaths.

Hematite helps you to find your center. By reestablishing your sense of direction, hematite healing properties can bring a new perspective to light by taking you out of your head and the thought cycle you’ve been stuck in, and placing your focus in the peace of your body. That’s what makes this stone so powerful in meditation. Find a quiet place in your home, sit or lay in a meditative pose, and hold your palm stones in your hands. Manifest a clear, calm mind and a connection to the grounding stability of the earth. Sure, we always recommend this stone around mercury retrograde when things seem to hit the fan, but it’s also great when you simply need to build up the drive and confidence to make a big move in life.  

Instead of going over how you’d like to do something, hematite healing properties can assist you in deciphering how best to accomplish things in reality. Bring yourself out of dreamland, and get down to earth with realistic plans and solutions.

Each one of these hematite touchstones will vary slightly in size, shape, color and appearance. All sales are final on these crystals.



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