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Hematite Crystal Slice


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A Hematite Crystal Slice is a powerful crystal for grounding, stabilizing and ridding yourself of a negative mindset—whether it be anxiety, stress, fear, anger or negativity. It helps to stabilize your emotions, easing mental chaos and organizing a scattered mind. These slices are wonderful for meditation, root chakra balancing and as a touchstone to shift your energy quickly.

Small ~2" • Medium ~3" to 4"


A Hematite Crystal slice is the most powerful tools for grounding the highest frequencies down to the physical world. It is known as the crystal of grounding enlightenment, allowing you to fully integrate the highest forms of wisdom gained during meditation into your daily life. Because the hematite properties are so grounding, it can also be used for root chakra healing. These flat-plates are the ideal shape for laying upon the body. For those dealing with problems related to their root chakra, this stone will reestablish a sense of support and center your body.

The hematite meaning is a highly beneficial crystal in stabilizing the emotional plane. Through grounding an individual to earth’s energy, it eases mental chaos and organizes a scattered mind. The reflective nature of hematite boosts self-awareness, and bestows a heightened level of understanding.

True Hematite varies in appearance from a silver metallic surface to a matte, terra cotta red—and is actually very hard to find on the market. Hematite can mark surfaces with a red streak, and was used by ancient civilizations as a tool for drawing pictographs. It is composed of iron oxide, and is one of the most abundant iron ore’s around the world. 

Although the hematite uses are endless, one of the most common and beneficial uses it to rid the body and mind of negative emotions—fear, anger, stress, anxiety etc. The Hematite metaphysical properties will introduce balance and absorb negative energy. By releasing perceived limitations, hematite can be helpful in establishing new personal goals. It is known as the crystal of grounding enlightenment, allowing you to fully integrate the highest forms of wisdom gained during meditation into your daily life. 

When you feel anxious, stressed or as if you can’t find your way out of a negative headspace, place this hematite crystal slice between your palms and feel its grounding energy take over your body. You can also place your bare feet upon it, or place it over your root chakra while laying down to bring balance to that energy center. 

These Hematite Crystal slices will all vary in appearance, size and shape, each one is special and unique. They come from Madagascar. All sales are final on crystal slices.


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