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Health Wrap Bracelet

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Heals | Protects | Strengthens Overall Body
Made with Turquoise, Sodalite & Fancy Jasper, our Health Wrap was created to enhance and protect your physical well-being. Turquoise holds the vibration of Mother Earth, emitting powerful energies of love and healing. 


The Health Wrap was designed to enhance and protect your physical well-being. 

Turquoise is known as a Master Healer stone and works to protect and align the chakras, strengthening the overall body in the process. It is a gemstone of well-being that helps to strengthen and heal the entire body. Turquoise is believed to be the energetic bridge between Heaven and Earth. It holds the vibration of Mother Earth, emitting energies of love and healing.
Sodalite encourages relaxation and calms the mind. It has a very harmonizing and soothing effect on the body. 
Fancy Jasper helps to remove energy blockages within the body, promoting balance and better health. 

Affirmation: I live in vibrant health of mind, body and spirit.

Crystals ask us to go deeper inside, into the heart of our soul. In the stillness and silence they share their wisdom. Our Health Wrap is made with cotton cord, which we recommend not getting wet. 


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