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Health Bracelet Set


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Each Bracelet is 7.25" in diameter.

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Balance • Healing • Strength
Combining the energy of three bracelets, the Health Bracelet Set amplifies your intention to help you along your health journey. Wear these bracelets together for a boost of energy, inspiration and clarity to help you stick to your health related goals, both mental and physical.  These crystals come together to support every layer of your health intention, giving you the emotional tools you need to bring your health to the forefront.


Whether you are starting a new health journey, or in the thick of it already, the Health Bracelet Set will give you the tools you need to concentrate on your health and well-being. This crystal bracelet set serves as a reminder to take care of yourself on all different levels of your being, from your physical health to your mental and emotional health.  Let these crystals help you identify your goals and then inspire and motivate you to reach them.

Apatite inspires you to make your health a priority. It awakens your mind, body and spirit and motivates you to take the necessary steps to take care of yourself.

Bloodstone gets the energy flowing throughout your body to increase endurance and stamina.

Dumortierite reminds you that health is a lifelong journey. It encourages you to be patient and take it one day at a time.

Onyx shields your mind, body and spirit from low vibrational energy. By protecting you from outside negativity, it helps to keep you feeling your best.

Tiger’s Eye increases your willpower to help you commit to your health. It empowers you to stay on track with your health goals.

Tibetan Agate promotes good luck and good health.

Shungite detoxes your body of energetic smog and brings balance to the body.

Clear Quartz balances the detoxification from Shungite.

Copper is a healing metal that enhances the energy of crystals.

How to Use Your Health Bracelet Set: Wear these bracelets on your left wrist to receive the energy of your intention.


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