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Healing Necklace


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Detox • Glowing Health • Inner Light
Green Seraphinite is a magical stone that connects you with Seraphim, the highest order of angels. When you wear a Seraphinite pendant necklace, your being fills with light as it exudes the energy of Mother Nature. It's high life-force energy reinvigorates your body helping it to heal from the inside out. On a vegan suede cord, this Healing necklace will add a touch of high vibe energy to your spring wardrobe! 

Size: ~28", you can also adjust to your desired length!


Seraphinite is connected to Seraphim, the highest order of angels. A protective and healing energy from this angelic realm surrounds you when wearing this magical stone. It is a stone of light; within it lies the energy of the angels and Mother Nature. Seraphinite’s high life force energy fills your energy field with light, love and blessings. Its deep green hues vibrate with the energy of love, bringing a nurturing and soothing energy to your body.  

Made with a Seraphinite pendant and tan vegan suede, wear your Healing Necklace when you want to connect with the angelic realm and to the healer within yourself. 

Affirmation: I am filled with light and radiate health and wellbeing.

This Healing necklace is made with a free-form Seraphinite pendant, and vegan suede. Each one will vary slightly in appearance, size, shape and color as they are handmade with love and intention. 


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