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Stacking up on gift cards for all those hard-to-buy-for people on your holiday list? Personalized gifts don’t have to be hard. Healing crystals are the perfect way to say “I get you” with something that is not only stunning and therapeutic, but also a symbol for how you view that person. Try selenite for that friend who is your rock in hard times, and always knows how to lift your spirits. Get an amethyst for your mom, who, like the crystal, helps you to communicate even when you’re stressed. We have every kind of stone for every kind of person in your life. And with epic specials on crystals and tumbled stones, it’s never been easier or more affordable to show loved ones how much they mean with a gemstone as precious as they are to you. Give the gift that never stops giving!

When choosing a crystal gift for someone else, visualize that person in mind while you browse our healing crystals and tumbled stones. Trust your intuition and let it guide you to the perfect gift. Pay attention to which crystals stand out first and go with your gut! 

  • Clear Quartz Sphere

    Clarity • Manifestation • AmplificationDue to its perfect symmetry, a Clear Quartz sphere radiates high-vibrational energy in all directions, filling your space with light and positive energy. Meditating with one in each hand allows you to enter a deeper state of meditation. Because they…
  • Pyrite Crystal

    Wealth • Abundance • New OpportunitiesHaving a raw pyrite crystal on your office desk, or in your business, invites in abundance, prosperity, success and wealth. Because it’s connected with the solar plexus chakra, it also increases willpower, motivation and personal…
  • Selenite Cleansing Crystal

    Cleansing • Calming • ProtectionA selenite wand is a versatile crystal tool used for energy cleansing, meditation, healing and more. Referred to as “liquid light,” Selenite has the ability to quickly unblock stagnant, stuck energy to promote a healthy, smooth flow of energy…
  • Selenite Harmonizers

    Calm • Cleansing • LightUsing a pair of Selenite Harmonizers during meditation protects and enhances your practice, adding an additional layer of power and healing as you meditate. When you hold the selenite in your hands, you immediately feel grounded, calm and serene as the energy of…
  • Shungite Cubes

    Protection • Stability • GroundingPlacing a Shungite Cube in each of the four corners of your room seals, protects and grounds the energy of your space. The shungite cubes work together to neutralize any negative energy, stress and negative emotions with positive energy, while creating a…
  • Shungite for Your Cell Phone & Computer

    EMF Protection • Digital Detox • DetoxificationScientific research and experiments have shown that placing Shungite close to your cell phone, laptops, computers and other electronic sources, significantly weakens the impact of electromagnetic radiation on the body. It absorbs and…

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