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Halite Crystal

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Forget a pinch of salt, you need the whole cluster of Halite! With a wealth of purifying properties as well, this seasoned healer is so much zestier than people think. Use your Halite crystal like a salt lamp to cleanse and clear your space of negative energy. It’s also beneficial for anyone suffering from mood swings and emotional imbalances. 

Small: ~3" • Medium ~4"


Halite, also known as rock salt, is the mineral from which we get our kitchen essential. It forms in salt basins like the Great Salt Lake in Utah or the Dead Sea between Jordan and Israel. When sea water evaporates in barren climates, it creates the striking sedimentary mineral of halite. Typically white or colorless, halite will sometimes have pink or reddish hue, like these beautiful Halite crystals. Composed of sodium chloride, halite forms into clusters with isometric systems.

Many use halite as salt lamps to cleanse their home environment of negative energy. A halite crystal used in meditation is equally efficient in purifying and balancing the chakras. This mineral is especially beneficial for those with emotional imbalances. Whether you are experiencing mood swings, seasonal depression or just a case of the feels, halite can absorb that toxic energy. Hold it in your hand to restore spiritual wounds to their previous state, and remove emotional barriers. It is an ideal stone to have in the living room or bedroom, to dissolve tension and spread illuminating energy.  

Every Halite Crystal will differ in size, shape, color and pattern. Note that each of these crystals is incredibly fragile, and we do not recommend getting them wet at all. All sales are final.


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