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Green Tara Mala Necklace


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Grants Wishes • Remover of Obstacles
Made with Kambaba Jasper, Copper, African Turquoise, Tibetan Agate, Tulsi Wood and Green Serpentine, the Green Tara Mala Necklace connects you with the fierce goddess that embodies the power of all 21 Taras. She is a goddess of action with the ability to remove obstacles, grant wishes and shield us from fear, anxiety and adversity. Call upon Green Tara when you want to open your heart and fulfill your wishes!

Size: 30" with a 3" tassel. 


Green Tara is a fierce Goddess, with the ability to remove obstacles and grant wishes. She embodies the power of all 21 Taras, and is the most dynamic manifestation of Tara. Green Tara is a goddess of action said to protect and save us from spiritual danger. Her immense amount of passion allows her works swiftly to bring blessings into your life.  She guides and protects us as we venture through our minds, helping us to heal and transform, shielding us from fear, anxiety and adversity.

The Green Tara Mala Necklace opens the heart to welcome in the wishes from the world. Kambaba Jasper releases fear and the negative mind and allows you to dwell with an open heart. The black of this stone represents releasing and the green allows you to tap into the unconditional love of your heart. Copper helps to foster change. It represents the Tibetan ringing of the bells, which changes energy and allows you to move in new directions. African Turquoise holds the energy of blessing and harmonizes the mind, body and spirit. Tibetan Agate brings clarity to the truth of the world. It helps you realize that your thoughts are illusions and perceptions and guides you to see clarity in situations. Tulsi wood is like a tree that holds the ancient wisdom that is passed from generation to generation. Working with this wood allows you to root into this knowledge. Green Serpentine allows the light of the world to shine into our hearts, which is Green Tara’s ultimate goal. 

Call upon Green Tara when you want to open your heart and have your wishes fulfilled.


The Green Tara Mala Necklace is made with 5-6mm beads and is approximately 30” in length with a 3" tassel. Each green tara necklace will vary slightly in color, pattern and size, as all the gemstone beads are natural and come from the Earth. 


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