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Green Opal Touchstone


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Size: ~1.5"


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Heart-Opening • Support • Change
Hold on to your Green Opal Touchstone when you need to open your heart to change. This supportive stone will help you ease into any transition and protect you from any negative energies.



It’s easy to get stuck in a routine, and refuse to venture outside of your comfort zone. That’s where Green Opal crystals come in. These stones help you accept and embrace the unpredictable nature of life. Working with a Green Opal Touchstone teaches you to be open and ready for whatever comes your way.

The Green Opal meaning connects to your heart chakra. By cleansing, opening and expanding your heart, the Green Opal properties prepare you for change, transformation, and growth. Use a Green Opal Touchstone as a touchpoint for the emotional preparation it takes to broaden your horizons, in love and life. The support and protection that a Green Opal Touchstone provides make it easier to dive into new experiences in all areas of your life.

Bring your Green Opal Touchstone close to help you move through any dramatic changes in your love life. Whether it’s a new relationship, or the end of an old one, this crystal will offer you support and protection on your wild ride. Outside of love, Green Opal Touchstones aid in preparing you for all sorts of big life changes, like a new job, a move, or anything else that could get your heart racing.

Origin: Madagascar

What Does It Mean When I’m Drawn to a Green Opal Touchstone:

When you are attracted to a Green Opal Touchstone, your heart is ready to burst open. If you’ve had your guard up, this crystal will help you start to let it down so you can embrace new possibilities in your life without fear or doubt.

How to Use a Green Opal Touchstone:

Hold your Green Opal Touchstone over your heart while meditating to open your heart to change.


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