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Green Garnet Slab


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Abundance • Growth • Positivity
Abundance means something different to everyone. One person may feel that someone has an abundance, while that person feels that they don’t have enough. The best way to always feel abundant is to do something positive with what you have. A Green Garnet Slab will connect with the heart chakra to remind you that you have more than enough to create positivity around you. Green garnet puts the passion in compassion by sparking a fire in your humanitarian interests. Understand what you have to give to the world with the positive intention of a green garnet slab.

Size ~1.5" to 2"


Hold the green garnet slab over your heart chakra, allowing it to touch your skin, and ask yourself: How can I contribute to the greater good of the world and those around me? Green garnet infuses you with growth energy, to propel you to expand your view on what it means to be wealthy, happy, and fulfilled. Green garnet energy will energize you to pursue an abundance of spiritually rewarding experiences, rather than just the financially rewarding ones.

Stimulate the flow of energy and movement with garnet by linking it to your root chakra. It will stabilize your mind, and keep you connected to the present. Any blocks that were keeping your energy down will dissipate and your whole body will feel reinvigorated with passion. This crystal is associated with determination in passionate pursuits because it keeps you from feeling tired or drained in them.  

Set an intention to grow your interests as a person with your green garnet. This stone keeps life from getting stale. Tap into the energy of green garnet to revitalize your generosity of spirit.

Each green garnet slab will vary in size, shape, color and pattern. EACH ONE IS UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT. All sales are final on these pieces. 


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