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Green Fluorite Point


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Energy Cleansing • Focus • Personal Growth
These high-grade Green Fluorite Points from Brazil are very powerful crystals for energy clearing. They absorb and neutralize negative energy, restoring balance and order within your space. If you are feeling stressed or anxious, hold this crystal point and let its calming energy fill your body and space.

Size: ~1 ½” - 2”


Green Fluorite Points are especially powerful for growth and healing on all levels. It is the ideal crystal for energy cleansing and also aura cleansing. It magnifies and amplifies the power of any other gemstones it touches, making it wonderful to place in a crystal grid or alter space. Green Fluorite is also powerful to use during your meditation, as it raises your energy and concentration level.

Fluorite Points are the ultimate multi-tasking crystals, and are one of the most beneficial crystals to have in your space. Placing a fluorite crystal in your environment helps to restore balance and bring order to any chaos. It helps to stabilize and bring order to all energies, people and crystals around it. They are crystals of focus and concentration, bringing clarity of mind. Think of Fluorite crystals are energetic vacuum cleaners, absorbing and neutralizing any negative energy within your mind, space and body. It also aids in decision-making, making it the ideal crystal to have in your workspace.

These Green Fluorite Points are absolutely gorgeous! Some are a vibrant green color and some are more of a teal green. They are very high quality and come from Brazil. They will all vary slightly in color, shape, size and pattern because they are all natural stones. Because we have a limited quantity of these points, no coupon codes are valid and all sales are final.



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