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Fluorite Crystal • 393g


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Energy Cleansing • Focus • Absorbs Negative Energy
This Fluorite mineral specimen is a light, light green in color, and is covered with tiny, cubic druzy. Fluorite crystals absorb and neutralize any negative vibrations, helping to restore balance and order to your space. Think of them as energetic vacuum cleaners! The cubic structure of this crystal makes it very grounding and powerful for manifestation also. 

Size: 393g • 3" x 2.5" x 2.5"


Fluorite crystals are one of the most beneficial crystals to have in your space. Placing a Fluorite Crystal in your environment helps to restore balance and bring order to any chaos. It helps to stabilize and bring order to all the energies, people and crystals around it. Think of fluorite crystals as energetic vacuum cleaners, absorbing and neutralizing any negative energy within your space, mind or body. It helps clear confusion, relieve stress and eliminate any negativity. A fluorite crystal brings focus, enhances concentration and aids in decision making, making it perfect to have in your workspace.

A green Fluorite crystal is healing on all levels and is very powerful for absorbing negative energies. It is the ideal crystal for energy cleansing and also aura cleansing. It magnifies and amplifies the power of any other gemstone it touches. A green fluorite crystal is also powerful to use during a meditation as it raises your energy and concentration level to bring you into a deeper meditative state. If you are feeling stressed or anxious, hold your crystal in your hands and let it’s calming energy fill your body.

This one-of-a-kind mineral specimen was handpicked by Heather and Timmi during the Tucson Gem & Mineral show. This specimen was mined in Hunan, China. There is only one of these crystals available, and it will be the exact one pictured. Because there is only one available, no coupon codes are valid and all sales are final. 


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