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Luck Necklace

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Attracts Luck • Wealth • Opportunities
Forget about lucky charms, this Luck Necklace is all you need to ensure that the odds are always in your favor! If it seems like the only luck you have is bad luck, shift your energy. Expecting negativity, invites it. That’s why this good Luck Necklace uses the energy of Black Tourmalinated Quartz, Heishi Shells and Pyrite to create positivity in your mind, so that you can in turn welcome it into your life.


While removing any energy blocks within the body, the clarity that Black Tourmalinated Quartz offers will enhance your decision making skills. This increases your chances of a decision paying off, and allows you to take measured risks with confidence. Any self-sabotaging behavior that solidified your misfortune in the past, will come to your awareness when in touch with the energy of black tourmalinated quartz. Not only does this crystal highlight what behaviors you need to change, it also grounds you in the determination to bring about those changes.

Heishi shells are a symbol of new beginnings, and foster new opportunities in your life. By keeping you spiritually open to all possibilities, they infuse you with a bright, receptive outlook.

The Pyrite pendant at the center of this necklace elevates the energy of abundance in your life, while deflecting any unwanted energy that comes your way. When you have pyrite in your energy field, you feel abundant, lucky and driven to seek out the new. With a fusion of energy, you can concentrate on directing your motivation toward your goals. Strengthen your creative intuition, and add a dose of confidence when you need it most. With this crystal combination around your neck, you will always have luck on your side.

Affirmation: I am abundant in luck. There are endless possibilities for me.



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