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Goldstone Touchstone


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Grounding • Creativity • Action
There’s no gold in this man-made crystal, but there are healing benefits that you may value even more. A combination of quartz crystal, sand glass and copper, these goldstone palm stones have everything you need to add clarity and grounding calm into your spirit.


The attractive shimmer that gives goldstone its name comes not from flakes of gold, but rather flakes of copper. It’s that copper which adds goldstone’s property of stable motivation. When you hold goldstone healing properties in your hand, you allow your mind to focus on the moment. As your spirit roots into the energy of the earth, it connects to a greater source of strength and consistency. Tapping into that energy with goldstone enables one to better visualize the calm they would like to bring into their mind, and the actions they need to take in their near future.

The quartz within goldstone provides enhanced clarity, and the energy you need to program your intentions. Do more than think about how to change your current reality, and start creating that progress with the help of quartz crystal. Quartz is one of the best crystals for manifestation because it carries the energy of your intention, so that you are reminded to keep your sights set on your goals.

Meditate with goldstone to forge a path for yourself and begin taking the steps to pursue it. Working to purify your entire chakric field, goldstone will get rid of the self-doubts, fear, and other debilitating negative emotions, so that you can stop hesitating to do what you need for yourself. Then a surge of energy in the solar plexus will provide that last necessary push to get creative and go after your passions in life.  

Every one of these Goldstone touchstones will differ in shape, size, color and pattern. All sales are final.


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