Family Quartz Cluster

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These Family Quartz Clusters feature a pair of twin quartz points that have other points emerging from them, which makes these crystals extremely powerful for uniting a family or group consciousness work. These are extremely clear crystals that are excellent magnifiers and amplifiers for your intention, and also work to raise your own energetic vibration to match theirs. A twin crystal occurs when two crystal points grow from and share the same main body. This type of crystal formation holds an energy that is particularly powerful for intentions related to relationships of all kinds. They are the perfect crystal for romantic relationships or family dynamics, but they can also support other relationships like friendships. These Family Quartz clusters feature not only a twin crystal structure, but also points stemming from the twin crystal. The many different points allow you to amplify and magnify whatever intention you set for your crystal. These are one-of-a-kind crystals that were sourced by Heather and Timmi when they went on a trip around the United States to visit directly with the miners. There is a very, very limited number of these crystals - and they will not be back again. All sales are final on these crystals. Place your Family Quartz crystal cluster in the center of a room in your home to bring an energy of universality and togetherness to your space. This placement recommendation comes from Feng Shui. Colombia


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Family Quartz Cluster

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