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Gem Water Decanter & Chain

Get the full gem water experience, right from the start! The VitaJuwel Decanter & Chain were specially crafted to accompany your gem vial to create vital, fresh gem water! 

Decanter Size: 1.5L. • 10” tall
Chain Length: 8” long

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VitaJuwel Decanter 1.5L
VitaJuwel Decanter Chain

All Energy Muse Jewelry is handcrafted in the USA.

Each piece is cleansed & activated in our sacred healing room.

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Accompany your VitaJuwel Gem Vial with the decanter and chain for the full gem water experience, right from the start! The VitaJuwel decanters and chain are designed specifically to complement the gem vials form and size, holding 50 oz. of water. The bottom of the decanter is rounded on the inside, to prevent your gem vial from hitting the sides of the decanter as you pour and enjoy your gem water.

The stainless steel VitaJuwel Decanter Chain completes your gem water starter set! When you are pouring your gem water, it ensures that your gem vial stays securely in place inside your decanter.

VitaJuwel is the most hygienic and efficient method to prepare gem water. German scientists have proven that water becomes more alkaline and that the oxygen content increases when combined with the VitaJuwel gem vials. The tests showed: With VitaJuwel, drinking water reaches a quality level otherwise only found in natural spring water. All the VitaJuwel decanters are handcrafted by Bohemian glassblowers and made of premium glass that is free of any harmful substances. 

How To Use


Preparing your gem water is so simple! Set your intention for your VitaJuwel gem vial. Place it in your VitaJuwel decanter for 7-10 minutes. Then enjoy your gem water; you will taste the difference!

Setting Intention/Cleansing


Using gems to vitalize water is an ancient tradition, dating back to ancient Greece. Healing gemstones naturally emit and radiate energy, which is able to inspirit water, making it more lively and energized. In the VitaJuwel gem vials, the gemstones don’t have to come into contact with the water. The Gem vial acts like a natural prism for the crystals’ radiant energy.

To activate and set an intention for your VitaJuwel gem vial, sit quietly and hold your vial in both hands. Breathe in the highest white light and then visualize your intention for your water. It can be simple, like I am embodying a healthy lifestyle. Say your intention aloud and the stones and water will carry your intention.


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