Garnet gemstones have deep roots in many ancient civilizations. The word garnet is derived from the Latin word granatum, meaning pomegranate and referencing the gemstone’s similarity in appearance to pomegranate seeds. Garnet jewelry and stones were popular in ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, being used as ornamental adornments and signs of power. It is said that the only light on Noah’s ark was provided by a single, large Garnet gemstone. In the Middle Ages, wearing garnet jewelry was believed to enhance truth, faith and love commitments—similar to the healing properties garnet is valued for today!
garnet jewelry
  • Chakra Stones

    Balance • Alignment • EnergyIf your spirit is feeling out of whack, get back into alignment with this Chakra Stone Bag. The energies of these seven stones are designed to match with each of your seven chakras, helping to dissolve energy blocks and reestablish balance. Create a harmonizing…
  • Energy Bracelet

    Action • Motivation • InspirationMade with Garnet, Carnelian and Red Jasper, the Energy Bracelet reinvigorates, revitalizes and energizes your mind, body, and spirit. Get the energy flowing so you can reconnect to a sense of vitality in all areas of your life. Wear the Energy Bracelet…
  • Garnet Stone

    Passion • Joy • EnergizingNot all energy has to come in a Venti-sized cup; reenergize the crystal way with Garnet Tumbled Stone. It encourages you to go out, seize the day and live life to its fullest potential. Working with it consistently reignites your passion and motivates you to…
  • Raw Garnet Crystal

    Passion • Energy • Zest for LifeWhether you want to see positive changes in your love life or your work life, these raw garnet crystals will help you to stir up the right energy to manifest that reality. By arousing the chi, or life force, within the physical body, garnet encourages you…

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