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Garnet Sphere

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Energy • Motivation • Passion
Meditating with a garnet sphere is one way to start your morning off right. With a flush of revitalizing energy, garnet gives you the same kick that a morning coffee would. But with an infusion of star garnet energy, you’ll get a helpful supply of motivation and skip the jittery caffeine withdrawal. Get in tune with garnet energy to empower your ambitious drive.


Connecting with this stone will guide you past the finicky hesitation mindset, and propel you straight into the actions and solutions zone. If areas of your life are plagued with indecisiveness, harness the power of star garnet. Whether you’re stuck questioning things in your love life, or your work is suffering from a lack of inspiration, you need a surge of confident energy to break into a better situation.

Star garnet spheres radiate passionate positivity in every direction. That’s why meditating with one in the palms of your hands can help you to feel immersed in affirmative energy. Spheres don’t have the concentrated energy of a point that can sometimes come off as overwhelming. Instead, sphere energy is gentle and thorough. Hold the stone in your hands when you feel like you’re losing steam on a goal. The star garnet energy will fuse with your root chakra to get you moving in the right direction again. Excel beyond stagnancy with the momentum of star garnet energy. Use your star garnet sphere to set an intention to progress along your path with passionate vibrancy.

These garnet spheres come to us from India. Each is unique and will vary slightly in shape, size, color and pattern. All sales are final on these spheres. 


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