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Amethyst & Garnet Gem Vial

Energize your water or wine with this Amethyst & Red Garnet Gem Vial! Filled with Quartz crystals, Amethyst & Red Garnet, this personal gem vial is the perfect size to fit in a glass to reenergize your beverage. Start infusing your gem water and wine with crystal energy!

For wine: Place your gem vial in your glass for 6 minutes. The crystal combination takes the tannins out of the wine, helping to prevent hangovers. You will also taste a difference in your wine!

Personal Gem Vial size: 6.5” 

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All Energy Muse Jewelry is handcrafted in the USA.

Each piece is cleansed & activated in our sacred healing room.

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The Amethyst & Garnet Gem Vial has Amethyst, Red Garnet and Quartz Crystals to promote revitalize and energize a glass of water or wine. This basic, well-balanced combination has been used to vitalize water for hundreds of years. According to crystal experts, Amethyst strengthens your awareness and Red Garnet fosters energy and passion. Quartz Crystal amplifies the energy of the Amethyst and Red Garnet. Placing this Amethyst & Garnet Gem Vial in your glass of water, or in your glass of wine, infuses your beverage with crystal energy. Heather & Timmi carry these personal gem vials around with them in their purse! You will notice a change in the flavor of your water; it is more fresh and mild. Reenergize your body with crystal energy! 

Amethyst crystals have long been associated with Dionysus, the God of Wine. In ancient Greece, drinking vessels were created from amethysts, as they believed that these healing crystals would prevent you from getting drunk. The word amethyst means "not intoxicated," from Greek a- "not" +methystos "intoxicated). Recently, select wineries and professional sommeliers have rediscovered the ancient tradition of enhancing their wine with amethyst crystals. Unlike thousands of years ago, where the amethyst stones were placed directly in the wine, this gem vial creates a modern (and more hygienic!) way to use the benefits of amethyst's energy. The Amethyst & Garnet Gem Vial softens the wine's natural acids and makes it taste smoother. 

VitaJuwel Gem Vials are the most hygienic and efficient method to prepare gem water; and it’s easy! Just place your personal gem vial in your glass of drinking water or wine for 7-10 minutes, and then enjoy the crystal energy! German scientists have proven that water becomes more alkaline and that the oxygen content increases when combined with the VitaJuwel gem vials. The tests showed: With VitaJuwel, drinking water reaches a quality level otherwise only found in natural spring water.

All the VitaJuwel gem vials are handcrafted by Bohemian glassblowers and made of premium glass that is free of any harmful substances. The Amethyst & Garnet Gem Vial is approximately 6.5” in length. All sales are final on these gem vials.

How To Use


Using your personal gem vial is so simple! Set your intention for your gem vial. Place it in your glass of water for 7-10 minutes. Then enjoy your gem water!
For wine: Place your gem vial in your glass for 6 minutes. The crystal combination takes the tannins out of the wine, helping to prevent hangovers. You will also taste a difference in your wine!

Setting Intention/Cleansing


Using gems to vitalize water is an ancient tradition, dating back to ancient Greece. Healing gemstones naturally emit and radiate energy, which is able to inspirit water, making it more lively and energized. In the VitaJuwel gem vials, the gemstones don’t have to come into contact with the water. The Gem vial acts like a natural prism for the crystals’ radiant energy.

To activate and set an intention for your VitaJuwel gem vial, sit quietly and hold your vial in both hands. Breathe in the highest white light and then visualize your intention for your water. It can be simple, like I am embodying a healthy lifestyle. Say your intention aloud and the stones and water will carry your intention.


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