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Garnet Bracelet


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Joy | Passion | Energy Flow
Wearing this Red Garnet Bracelet infuses your aura with positive energy, joy and passion. Energy starts from within. Start feeling, building and re-energizing your body today! It connects you with your root chakra to help you feel more grounded and connected with yourself in the present moment. 

Size: ~7.25" on elastic 
Does not come with a scroll & all sales are final on limited finds. 


Energy is visible and invisible. It’s a feeling and an attitude. Tapping into your personal energy source is one of the most beneficial gifts you can give yourself. Allowing the time and space to provide yourself with the gift of energy is vital to your wellbeing. The Garnet Bracelet was created to bring you positive energy, joy and passion. Energy starts from within; start feeling, building and re-energizing your body today.

Red Garnet is a powerful gemstone that increases energy, reenergizes your body and enhances your passion. It helps to move the chi within your body, to ensure that there is a constant flow of energy to bring overall balance. Red Garnet also cleanses your chakras of negative energy, re-energizing and aligning them in the process. It helps you to connect to the Earth, to find your personal passion. It dispels lethargy, encouraging you to take action and strengthening your aura. It is believed to protect you against bad vibes. 

Affirmation: I am alive. I feel energized and empowered. 

This one-of-a-kind bracelet is made with Garnet beads, which will all vary slightly in size, shape and color. This piece does not come with a scroll because it is a one-of-a-kind and all sales are final on this piece. 


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