Fuchsite Pyramid

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Honking cars, long lines at crowded stores, overburdened and slow internet connections, offensive smells - let’s face it: sometimes, being in a city is a real bummer. When we find ourselves at a breaking point with the modern world and need to reconnect with nature, working with your Fuchsite Pyramid will feel a bit like shinrin-yoku, or the Japanese practice of forest bathing. It allows you to step out of the cold concrete jungle for a bit and bask in the green sights, fresh smells, and serene sounds (no more honking!) of a beautiful forest and deepen your connection with Mother Nature. Fuchsite is all about rejuvenation and renewal, echoing the myriad benefits of forest bathing. Immerse yourself in the healing and cleansing energies of Fuchsite, ground yourself in Earth’s fundamental vitality, and re-up your stores of joy, playfulness, and laughter. All Fuchsite Pyramids will vary very slightly in size, shape, color and pattern. This pyramid is crafted from genuine Fuchsite, a stone that features green and gold flecks that resemble “fairy dust,” which calls to mind strong healing energies that encourage positivity, joyfulness, relaxation and miracles. This ethereal fairy dust aspect helps build one’s receptiveness to Mother Nature’s wonder. Like taking a nice long forest bath, Fuchsite wants to renew your appreciation and joy at the simple things in life, especially in the natural world. Fuchsite helps facilitate your connection with nature spirits, making it doubly potent while you’re actually out in nature! If you’re going through difficult periods in your life, the mystical fairy-like essence of Fuchsite acts as a kind of hope that shifts you from despair to hopefulness. It's famous for being full of love and self-compassionate energy that wants to return the vitality of you to the emotional body. Once you’re full of self-compassion, you have more courage to keep going during any hard times. Also known as the Healers Stone, Fuchsite’s rejuvenation and renewal healing properties are excellent for heartaches, but not those caused by heartbreak or the end of romantic love: instead, Fuchsite is concerned with more hardcore wounding, trauma, and recovery. Green crystals are always connected to the green heart chakra, and Fuchsite’s immense heart-healing energy is no exception. When you work with your Fuchsite Crystal, you can begin to really work on healing and cleansing yourself of residual hurt, pain, and provide a fresh perspective in life. Place your Fuchsite Pyramid on your desk at work or anywhere else that may sometimes feel a bit draining. Visualize yourself in a sun-dappled forest and take a few deep breaths to infuse yourself with that same natural energy. Brazil

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Fuchsite Pyramid