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Fuchsite Kyanite Crystal


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Use Fuchsite Kyanite in meditation to purify and uplift your spirit. If you’re feeling tired, uninspired, stressed or sad, meditate with fuchsite kyanite healing properties to get yourself out of that funk. Fuchsite benefits the spirit by adding happy energy to the heart chakra. As fuschite kyanite crystal rejuvenates your heart chakra with love and encouragement, it also cleanses the rest of your chakras still holding onto negativity. This stone is a great ally for recalibrating the spirit on a daily basis.  

Size ~2.5" - 3"


With the detoxifying properties of kyanite and the joy inducing energy of fuchsite, this Fuchsite Kyanite Crystal will have you feeling blissfully protected. A stunning combination, this stone is not only rich in shimmering color, it’s rich in energy, too! Use fuchsite kyanite to cut ties with negative energies, and establish new ties with positive influences.

People with negative energy can have a toxic effect on our spirit. Whether they intend to or not, those carrying negative energy bring our own energy down. Because we can’t always simply avoid their negativity, it’s helpful to connect with kyanite after a long day of trying interactions. Connecting with fuchsite kyanite is especially beneficial because it doesn’t just help to remove their negative influence, it boosts your energy so that your spirit feels lighter than it did before.

By taking a fuchsite kyanite crystal in your hand, and bringing it around your body’s outline, you can visualize yourself slicing away all of the energy cords from others that are attached to your energy field. Do this each night before going to sleep, so that you can rest easy without negative thoughts keeping you up at night. Repeat this practice in the morning to allow fuchsite healing properties to boost your motivation, so that you can approach the day full of confidence and optimism.  

Each one of these fuchsite kyanite crystals will vary in size, shape, color and pattern. All sales are final on these crystals.


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